“So this is your life, and you are going to be both moved and confused by it. You are going to experience things that will inspire you, and things that you will never quite come to terms with. You are going to love people that you will sometimes lose, but you will also find those […]

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To You, 2017

Dear 2017, It’s been a ride. Let’s start with January. The new year was ushered in with cross country skiing and quality time with friends close enough to be family. The sun shined bright for us and the cutest little cabin kept us warm at night where the main form of entertainment was Settlers of […]

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Time Heals All

Hey friends, It’s been some time since I’ve last written; life has seemed to move so quickly these past few weeks. I have been faced with and have already gone through my first round of exams and I’m gearing up for the next round this coming week. I have met new people and I have […]

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A Mountain Escape

Hello friends! I hope you’re all doing well amidst the chaos that’s been going on nationally. I decided to enjoy the fact that I live in Colorado where it’s safe and dry by going camping in the mountains this past weekend. I’ve recently joined the CSU Outdoor Club and man, has that been one of […]

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Turning 20!

Hello friends! I am now 20 years old! To be honest, this was the first year that I’ve ever actually felt different on my birthday. Every other birthday before has felt like a continuation of the last year and I have felt the exact same but when I turned 20 this past week, I felt […]

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