Little “In-Between” Adventures

These last two months have been a blur! It’s gone so fast that I haven’t even had time to blog about it! Haha… or I might just be bad at routinely writing but perhaps I’ll get the hang of it someday.

While most of my summer has consisted of working, I have managed to sneak in some little outdoor adventures in between work days. This past June, I went on a lovely hike on the Bear Creek Trail in Ouray, CO with my friend Bella Greischel. It’s an awesome hike with a decent amount of elevation gain and highly rewarding views.

When we were almost to the mine that the trail leads to, a little yellow and black butterfly landed on Bella and practically glued itself to her! We were both very happy to have this beautiful creatures company and it wasn’t until a good 5 or so minutes until it finally flew away. I am 100% confident that she is a butterfly whisperer of some sort. Once we reached the mine we had some lunch and then headed back down to the little town of Ouray and treated ourselves to some Mouse’s shakes, yum!

This past month of July was been wondrous! My Mom and I welcomed this sunshiney month with a hike to the Alpine Mine. The hike was a familiar and ever so buggy one as both my Mom and I have hiked it before. The day was perfect though and the bugs were a minor inconvenience. The whole hike was a very enjoyable one (which hike isn’t though?) as we wove through the aspens and tall Gambel Oaks whose height almost matched mine! The hike is a series of switchbacks and neatly kept trails until you reach this beautiful view!

The hike was a lovely escape from the daily grind of work and I couldn’t have picked a better day to go hiking with my oldest and favorite hiking buddy, my mama.





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